Rules & Standards

Terms and conditions.

To ensure our students get the maximum benefit  and enjoyment from our courses in a safe environment we have a set of rules and standards that all students are expected to adhere to.

Riail na Gaeilge
The aim of Bua is to foster and encourage our student’s confidence in speaking Irish. We believe that the best method to pursue this is to immerse our students in the language and create scenarios where students use their Irish and are confident to do so.

Students are expected to speak Irish to the very best of their ability at all times for the duration of the course. One full sentence spoken in English or the continued use of English with token use of Irish is in breach of our Riail na Gaeilge.

If, in the view of the management, a student is in breach of our Irish rule and brings the integrity and spirit of the course into question they may be dismissed from the course.

2. We believe in encouraging and empowering young people to be unafraid of making mistakes, this is done through creating a positive working environment for students and staff. If, in the view of management a student demonstrates consistent negative behaviour or is not engaging in the spirit of the course he may be dismissed from the course.

3. Students who engage in verbal, physical or emotional bullying or intimidation of a fellow student or a member of staff shall be dismissed immediately from the course.

4. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or any illegal substance shall result in immediate dismissal from the course.

5. The use of mobile phones during the course is prohibited.

6. Bua does not accept responsibility for student property lost, stolen or damaged during the course. Students should leave valuable items at home and should not bring large amounts of money or expensive items with them to the course.

7. Parents/Guardians will meet the cost of any breakages or damages caused by students while on the course.

8. Bua has full public liability insurance, the safety and well being of our students is of utmost importance to management and staff at all times. Bua however cannot accept responsibility for injury caused by a student’s intentional negligence of course rules, signs or instructions.

9. Cancellations. At least 3 weeks notice must be given of any cancellation for a refund to be made.

**A student who has been dismissed from the course for breach of the above rules will not be entitled to a refund.