Free notes for the Sraith Pictiúr

The Sraith Pictiúr is daunting enough without having to go trawling through books and websites looking for notes. At Bua we try to cut out the waffle and give you all the essential info you need and absolutely free. Why? Because we’re sound like that!
So here they are, on us:


Our Sraith Pictiúr guide for 2018 consists of three lists:

  1. Phrases that you can use in every Sraith Pictiúr
  2. Phrases that you can use in most Sraith Pictiúr
  3. Phrases and vocab specific to each Sraith Pictiúr


Use the vocab and phrases from the third list along with the phrases from the second and first list to tie it all together. The most important thing about the Sraith Pictiúr is practice.

Additional tips:

  1. Record yourself describing the picture sequence, then listen back and look through the notes to identify mistakes or anything you left out
  2. Pick out a few phrases from the first list and practice using them in each sequence
  3. Have a couple of examples of good grammar learned off, these are in the actual notes already but make sure you say them correctly.