5 phrases to use for every Sraith Pictiúr!

The Sraith Pictiúr as we all know is a bit of craic! Here are five short, simple sentences you can use at some stage in all 20 sequences. Give them a try (you will have to change the context that you use them in):

  1. Caithfidh go raibh siad ….  They must have been …

    • Caithfidh go raibh siad tuirseach – They must have been tired
    • Caithfidh go raibh sí ar meisce –  She must have been drunk
    • Caithfidh go raibh sé neirbhíseach  – He must have been nervous

  2. (Níor) Thug sé faoi deara go raibh ….  He did (didn’t) notice that ….

    • Thug sí faoi deara go raibh deatach sa teach – She noticed there was smoke in the house
    • Níor thug siad faoi deara go raibh an fear ag féachaint ar a málaí – They didn’t notice that the man was looking at their bags
    • Thug siad faoi deara go raibh postaeir ar an mballa – They noticed that there was a poster on the wall

  3. Déarfainn go raibh sí … I would say that she was…  **Shows off the Modh Coinníollach

    • Déarfainn go raibh sí an-bhuartha tar éis an timpiste – I would say she was very worried after the accident
    • Déarfainn go raibh sé go híontach ag imirt peile mar bhí na stocaí in airde aige – I would say he was deadly at football because he had his socks up
    • Déarfainn go raibh sé ar bís nuair a chonaic sé í – I would say he was excited when he saw her.

  4. Go luath ina dhiaidh sin … Soon after that

    • Go luath ina dhiaidh sin chuaigh sí ag obair – Soon after that she went to work
    • Go luath ina dhiaidh sin shiúil fear os a chomhair – Soon after that a man walked in front of him
    • Go luath ina dhiaidh sin tháinig na séirbhísí éigeandála – Soon after that the emergency services came.

  5. Ba léir/ is léir … It was clear/ it is clear

    • Ba léir go raibh siad ag obair go dian – It was clear that they were working hard
    • Ba léir gur ghortaigh sé a chos – It was clear that he hurt his foot
    • Ba léir go raibh siad ar buile – It was clear that they were angry


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