About Bua

Beireann Buan Bua

Our motto is Beireann Buan Bua (consistency brings victory), and we believe that this is especially the case with learning a language. To learn Irish effectively students must speak it as often as possible and actually enjoy it without the fear of making mistakes! At Bua we immerse our students in the Irish language through adventure games and activities so that learners improve their Irish in a format that is fun without even realising that they are learning.

We encourage our students to use the Irish they have to the best of their ability without any fear of making mistakes. It is through this natural process that our students gain confidence in both themselves and their spoken Irish.

Bua was founded by Gareth O’Driscoll, an Irish learner, teacher and former University lecturer. An Irish teacher by trade with a strong background in sports coaching, team building and large group facilitation. Bua is the result of many years both learning and teaching Irish, running residential courses, training weekends and high energy team building events for groups ranging from primary school to corporate level.

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Our Approach

Our approach to teaching Irish is completely unique, fun and effective.

Our course is constructed around activities and challenges which require students to use Irish. We have two sets of criteria to meet for any activity that we include in our programme:

Is it effective? Is it fun?

Bua Escape Room Activity
Bua Sport Activities
Bua The Cube Activity
Bua Team Building Activity

Team Building Games

We use fun, team building challenges and games to encourage our students to work together through Irish so that they improve both their communication, language and team work skills.

Adventure Games

We use adventure games and activities to provide creative and fun ways for our students to practice and improve their Irish. It is through this innovative approach that our students find themselves immersed in language learning without even realising it.